Athma mind care

Mind care Center
With an experience of 27 years Athma Mind Care Center is specialized in
Promotive, Preventive and Curative aspects of Mental Health.

  1. De-addiction
    The centre provides holistic treatment with combined pharmaco therapy
    and counseling, group therapy, after care rehabilitation. We have very high
    abstinence rate.
  2. Centre for learning disabilities- Happy Kids
    The only recognized Centre in Tiruchirappalli to conduct remedial classes
    for all age group children with Learning Difficulties and committed to create
  3. Counselling Center
    The well trained and experienced therapist help the clients to get out their
    emotional problems and through structured therapies help the client
    understand their cognition, emotion & personality and get transformed.
  4. Child & Adolescent Guidance Centre
    This centre is intended to deal with child & adolescence with behavioral
    and psychological issues. We also offer school mental health programmes.

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