International Suicide Prevention Awareness 600KMS Historical Ride-2021

September 10th is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day, and the day is intended to create awareness about Suicide and promote Positive Mental Health in the community. We all take many initiatives to eradicate Suicide in our society. The Indian Psychiatric Society-South Zonal Branch, Athma Hospitals and Research and Trichy Randonneuring Club organised a 600kms bicycle ride this year. This is the first time in Indian history a 600KMs Bi-cycle ride has happened for suicide prevention. It is said that generally, 30-40 people would register for a 600kms ride, but for this rally, 182 professional riders participated out of 195 registrations across the country to create a suicide free community and promote positive mental health.

The awareness ride was flagged off by the chief psychiatrist & Managing Director and President of the Indian Psychiatric Society-South Zonal Branch of  Dr. K. Ramakrishnan. Riders from 5 states from South India, Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab and Calcutta participated in this event. The ride is targeted to complete in 40 hours. The riders started their ride from SRM Hotel, Trichy and travelled to Viralimalai, Pudukottai, Thondi, Karaikudi, Dhanushkodi by the same way returned Trichy on Sunday morning (29.08.2021). Dr. Mohan Raj, Consultant Psychiatrist & Sports enthusiast, travelled down from Chennai to coordinate and volunteer for this event. Mr. Abilash, a Techie from Bangalore, has completed the 600KMs ride in 24 hours without rest.

There is no winner and loser in the awareness ride. All the participants were awarded all the riders with a medal.

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