My feedback about overcoming depression with your awesome help.


I was unable to even concentrate in my work. I will be working, but my inner mind always asked me to die. I even wonder at my colleagues how they sit patiently and work. Won’t they also be having the feeling to die? With all my tears and battle in mind, I continued to work. In the very same building at Mambalam, Chennai, i found Dr. Ramakrishnan sir’s board and contacted the Athma Hospitals, Trichy if atleast they would give me a solution. Once after meeting the doctor i and my family was known that I am severely affected with depression and was asked to come for the treatment at Athma Hospital, Trichy. I initially underwent ECG test and MRI scan. I was admitted and took ECTs on every early morning on alternative days for 10 days.

I found the relief in the very first dosage. I started talking happily and peacefully with the doctors, family and friends from then. By successive ECTs and observations of doctors and the sisters, I was able to see heaven in the hospital and latter the world. I was advised by doctor to have tablets for an year after the finish of my treatment. Regular follow ups and reviews made me mentally stronger. The Doctors,Social workers, Counsellors, Sisters everyone treated kind heartedly and made me get through the worst session of my life. I then started working in a Play School at Chennai. Being with kids my world became even happier, and also learnt how to be patient to handle the toddlers. I was taking pills when i was working, as per the doctor’s advice. 

All think that taking treatment and pills for depression is something hilarious. But that will really help you out in waking up to be the real you. Kindly people don’t ever hesitate to have treatment for depression. We’re all blessed and lucky to have treatment for depression. I could never forget the doctors, and all the members who work in the hospital that they enabled me to come up in my life. Medications should be followed strictly as per doctor’s advice. Never ever hesitate to take treatment for depression. I myself is an example. Your life will have a tremendous change, when you thought you never had hope on life. Please don’t hesitate to take treatment for depression. It isn’t a prestige issue to say one is affected from depression. It’s the real illness of mental health. Don’t battle yourself, rather hurry up getting the treatment and having a blessed life ever ahead.