Athma's Mind City

Commenced from 15th August 2022

The promoters of the ATHMA, having decades of experience in Psychiatric Care and continuing to expand their services to the Indian Mental Health segment, have proposed to come up with a new 290 bedded Psychiatric Specialty Hospital – ATHMA MIND CITY.

Through Athma Mind City, we aim to deliver quality psychiatric treatment as well as Residential Care for patients, with well-designed,
landscaped open areas to give a relaxed and peaceful ambience to the facility, along with an effective yet non-intrusive Security system.
With a focus on General Psychiatry, De-Addiction, Dementia and Residential Care for chronic mentally ill, the proposed hospital would be located off NH-1 in Alundur village of Tiruchirapalli district on the Sooravalipatti Rd., Tamil Nadu, India.

The total project cost is estimated at INR 40 Crores. The Construction is planned into phase I, II, III, 6 acres of Land has been acquired for the project, the civil construction is yet to commence.

Magnitude of Mental Illnesses in Tamil Nadu

In order to assess the viability of this project, a Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) study (by Dun & Bradstreet) was conducted to determine the need for mental healthcare services in India, with focus on the project location – Tamil Nadu.

Key findings of the TEV study are given below, indicating the need for better mental healthcare facilities in Tamil Nadu:
Nearly 67 lakh adults (>18 years) and 3.8 lakh adolescents are likely to be suffering one or more mental health problems.
Around 7 Million people suffer from Common Mental disorders (including depression, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders)
Around 7 lakh people suffer from Severe Mental illnesses
Schizophrenia & other Psychotic disorders are higher among female than male (0.4% vs. 0.3%) and is in the age group of 30-39 years (0.7%).
Almost 23,000 above the age of 60 suffer from geriatric psychiatric disorders like Dementia / Depression
Around 2 lakh children suffer from subnormal intelligence and Learning Disorders (LDs)
Around 11 lakh children suffer from other childhood psychiatric problems
Around 15 lakh people suffer from Alcohol abuse and Substance misuse related problems.

Our Focus: Tamil Nadu, an Underserved Market



Autistic Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorders

Specific Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia


Perinatal Depression
Alcohol & other Substance Dependence
Suicides in general population and farmers
Workplace Stress & Depressive Disorders



Adaptability Issues


Key Challenges identified

Access: Sparse distribution of mental health facilities and health providers  across Tamil Nadu

Lack of Trained Mental Healthcare Professionals including psychiatrists,  psychologists, counsellors.

Lack of availability of data to understand the diseases burden in different  districts is a challenge.


-6 Acres located at Alundur, Trichy (*Land already acquired by  the Promoter and the market value is INR 3 Crores)

-G+1 floors – 80,000 Sq. Ft.

-166 Beds across departments
-De Addictions Centre: 55 beds (6 bedded Female ward)
-Dementia Care & other Mental Illness: 
-State of the Art Equipment

-Well designed and Landscaped Open Areas

-Holistic Facilities for Ayur Massage, Gym, and Yoga

-Effective yet Non-Intrusive Security system

-Facilities for Training and development of Staff

Executive Summary

Existing Hospital

  1. ATHMA Hospitals and Research Pvt. Ltd. is an 80 bedded speciality hospital offering Mental Healthcare services including Psychiatric illnesses, Child & Adolescent Psychiatric problems, De-Addiction and other mental health problems, since 1993 in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.
  2. It is managed by eminent team of Psychiatrists and supported by a team of Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers, Trained Nurses and other health care professionals.
  3. The hospital provides both Out-Patient and In-Patient care, and has all the necessary facilities including Laboratory, Pharmacy, Psychiatric Nursing, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Ambulance facility and House-keeping.
  4. Athma has served over 70,000+ patients across various segments of mental health issues through its various speciality centres.
  5. It also conducts regular Mental Health Awareness and promotion campaigns across villages, schools and colleges, including Stress Management classes and activities.

Proposed new facility- Phase I

  1. Given the growing need and to cater to the increasingly unfulfilled demand in the region, the company is proposing a 166 bedded (80,000 sq.ft. G+1 floors) Psychiatric Specialty Hospital – ATHMA MIND CITY (new facility proposed) – which will focus on Residential Care for General Psychiatry, De-Addiction and Dementia.
  2. The land (6 Acres) for the project has been acquired already, and the civil works are yet to commence.
  3. ATHMA MIND CITY aims to further deliver holistic & quality psychiatric treatment as well as Residential Care with well- designed, landscaped open areas to give a relaxed and peaceful ambience to the facility, along with an effective yet non-intrusive Security system.
  4. The hospital will provide screening of Psychiatric illnesses, Curative services, Mental Health promotive services, Treatment and Follow-up care, including both Out-Patient and In-Patient care.