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Athma is one of the premier private psychiatric institutes in India with 27 years of expertise in mental health that provides a recovery-focused service treating a wide range of mental health problems. The unique feature of this hospital is its multidisciplinary approach in patient care, research, training programmes and also in the Promotive, Preventive and Curative aspects of clinical services in the area of Mental Health and Human Behavioural Science. We have 24/7 service with ambulance facility to bring violent patients to hospital.

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Therapies & Treatments


Stress Management

Today’s fast paced life, with emphasis on success, profit and money only. These days we are all including children are under extreme pressure to perform. Not all are successful. In this condition anytime we may go for burn out and break down


12% of the world population is affected by this malady. This is the second leading cause of disability worldwide. It robs the individual & their life (suicide), quality of life, celebrity Mrs. Deepika Padukone is a powerful advocate of de-stigmatizing depression….


Our stress takes a big strain in life which is leading to unhappiness. Reasons are multifold.  Fast pace, ambitions, diversions, distractions, reducing family values etc. but through counselling bonding can be increased and self satisfaction, happiness can be energized…


Fear is the reaction to real threat or danger. Anxiety is subjective reaction for a perceived stress or danger. Anxiety to some extent is normal only. But if it exceeds to a limit that affects our daily life, so we have to find a way to cope up with it…. 

Executive Coaching

Education and qualification are not enough today. Leadership skills, personal management skills, stress coping skills, life style modification are essential. Athma provides a root of services tailored to the individual and corporate need…


Child Guidance

India is the youngest country in the world. Children are exposed to lots of stress related to academics, peer pressure, social media, gaming addiction, and substance abuse. Unless they are not properly nurtured. They may drop out of mainstream 



The concept of de-addiction has expanded very much from smoking, alcohol, opium, benzodiazepines, nowadays cannabis, inhalant, social media & gaming addiction are increasingly alarmingly. We have expertise to deal with them individually and collectively



Medicines alone cannot cure major mental illness. Rehabilitation is an integral part of psychiatry for better recovery. Rehabilitation focuses on self-care, communication, social skills, vocational training. This ensures proper drug compliance also

Support Group

The role of psychiatrist is not only to give prescription & counseling but also link the clients to support group and establish networking of NGOs. This model makes the family feel belong to a group, a place where they can voice their concerns, needs and support…

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Enquiry:  (+91) 431 – 2 555 666, (+91) 98 42 42 64 64

Appointment:  (+91) 431 – 2 444 555

24/7 Emergency counselling – (+91) 98 42 42 21 21


For Adults

Majority of mental illness starts during adulthood. Early recognition & effective management can transform one back to mainstream. Our experienced psychiatrist & counselors will guide you.

Alzheimer disease
Anxiety disorders
Acute stress disorder
Alcohol dependence
Bipolar disorder
Conversion & dissociative disorders
Depressive disorder
Marital disharmony
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic disorder
Personality disorders
Sleep disorders
Substance dependence
A-Z of issues

For Children

25% of school going children are have some sort of psychological problems. Some require medicines and others can be managed with proper counselling and family support.

Anxiety disorders

Academic issues

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Conduct disorder


Exam stress /Fear

Gender identity disorder

Intellectual disability

Learning disability

A-Z of Issues

For Rehabilitation

This service is especially to bring back the suffering people with mental illness through counselling, group therapy, life skill training, and vocational training, to be tailored to individuals need. We take pride as one of the pioneers of rehabilitation since 25 years. 


Residential care

Dementia care

Special School

Occupational Training

For Social Responsibility

It is our duty to give back to society that has helped us to get our needs. As a socially responsible hospital, we have made lots of initiatives in the neglected areas. Our service has reached more than 2 million populations. 


Stress management

Suicide prevention

Corporate training

School mental health

Youth mental health


A friendly hospital... I would say.First, we will spend quality time with counsellors and then doctors. The only thing I found here was time, but still the same amount of time we can spend with them to share our problems and get solutions. Thanks to the entire athma team and hats off.


It is an excellent experience here. And they are showing outstanding improvement in patients. Nice experience for students to learn. The staff are very kind. And they are patiently handling everyone. Getting knowledge about every department and treatments. They will clarify every doubt which we are asking. They are giving great support to every work.


Athma hospital changed my life very much. All the staff was very supportive of a better change inside me. I'm very thankful for the doctors & counsellors for changing my life. I'm living very happy with my family now. Thank you, Athma.


I was admitted to the hospital for 10days. I went through counselling and various treatment. All the psychiatrist that handled me well were too friendly. I never had a dull moment there. The staffs Working here are very kind. What I really love about this hospital is that they keep Cleaning the room and toilet at various intervals in a day, which created a peaceful and positive environment. I felt like home.


I am visiting Athma Hospitals for the past 15 years with my mother. It's an outstanding hospital with experienced doctors. Their way of checking a patient is unique and calm. Doctors who give counselling and nurses are also Good.


Very good hospital helping all nursing students to learn mental health nursing .good cooperation of all staff counsellors and doctors. They teach very nicely, and they clear all doubts about patient conditions. It is a very good hospital.


Decent place for patients who are in some way affected other than physical(mentally). Doctors are outstanding in doing service here. I see this hospital right from 2006. Improvements are happening now and then. The only disappointment for me is the steady growth of new patients, implies more and more problems are happening in the society

Rajagopalan Govindarajan

Athma hospitals is doing a great job in helping the people to get rid of mental disorders, and the awareness program they do regularly is very much appreciated. Very sincere and genuine in shaping society. Good job and good going.

Madan Gopal

After admitting my husband in this hospital, i could see significant changes in my husband's behaviour. He has stopped alcohol and living with us happily. I'm so happy ... I mention this hospital for the excellent solution for alcohol addict person

Deepika Nelson

We came to Athma Hospital with a big marital problem during Christmas and New Year eve. The Psychologist over there changed her personal schedule to attend to our problem. She was very caring and professional in handling our issue. We look forward to working with her more until our problem is resolved. She is ready to go the extra mile to help us.

Moses Dian

Tele-Psychiatry Consultation (ATC)

Our clinic largest private mental health partnership, with a carefully selected nationwide team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists. We only work with highly experienced and capable partners who share our values.

Our Team

Chief Psychiatrist

Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, DPM.,FIPS

  • (+91) 80125 22135

Consultant psychiatrist

Dr. N. Arunkumar, MD., DNB (Psy)

  • (+91) 80125 22135

Consultant psychiatrist

Dr. M. Ajoy, MBBS., MD (PSY)

  • (+91) 80125 22135

Consultant psychiatrist

Dr. M. Rajaram, MBBS., DPM.,

  • (+91) 80125 22135

Consultant psychiatrist

Dr. M. Sridhar, MBBS., DPM

  • (+91) 80125 22135

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