The prime aim is roping in mental health to the focus of mainstream medical care and the dream of offering maximum care in this area sector that has not received its due for long became a reality when Dr. K. Ramakrishnan established Athma Hospitals on January 29, 1993. Since then, with the motto “Ethical, evidence-based and compassionate care,” the establishment caters to the restoration of the populace in need of medical or therapeutic intervention.

With a humble start with just 3 beds in a rented building. Athma focuses exclusively on the treatment and outcome of the patient, community awareness, and liaison with the physicians (consultation-liaison psychiatry) on a 24/7 basis. 

As a result of the committed efforts in the care and treatment of patients by the hospital, the number of patients seeking its service increased multiple folds: Dr. R. Sundararajan, an eminent and humanitarian Neurologist advising Dr. K. Ramakrishnan to join hands with him in 1998 was, in fact, the resurgence of the establishment, and before long, the hospital shifted to the new current building in 2000. The mission is to establish Athma Hospitals as a Comprehensive Mental Health Referral Centre has its roots in the understanding of the struggles generally faced by patients at a time when the knowledge about psychiatry and appropriate psychiatrists were not available. 

Most of the time when the treating physician relives or dies suddenly the patients are at a grief & they are confused about whom to consult next.With the determination that his clients should not face the same struggle at his hospital, this lacuna has been addressed appropriately by Dr. K.Ramakrishnan assembled a team of psychiatrist to the establishment. Today, the best in the field of psychiatry is in the institution round the clock and provide quality care.

Athma Hospitals have a perfect structure for technological incorporation when it comes to diagnosis and documentation. The detail of all the 65,000 + clients, both hands written and in digital forms is filed for documentation records. All files are maintained with strict confidentiality. With fully loaded diagnostic and treatment units with Triage, ICU, Acute ward, advanced equipment in psychiatry, all psychological and behavioral therapy tools, the state of the art establishments, Athma Hospitals stand as one of the largest private psychiatric centers in India with an 80 bedded capacity and a residential center with 250 beds.

“Individual commitment to the group effort. That is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work”.

Guided by the above policy, the Athma team has managed to the pinnacle of possible achievements, which reflects the work of a united team. However, the team is resolved to reach a larger population to alleviate the suffering of mental maladies. This mission is to accomplish with our committed team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Community Social Workers, and the skilled support staff.

Our nation still falls quiet behind the necessary 1:35,000 Psychiatric experts, with just 1 therapist accessible for 1, 00,000 population. A considerable treatment hole in psychological well-being care is widely apparent. To answer this pressing need, Athma Academy was initiated, along with a developmental project to Doctors, Staff Nurses, Psychiatric Social Workers, and Psychologists to build the number of experts in the nation. Therapists moduled by Athma institute are serving in different parts of this great country.

The impact of the social activities of Athma Hospitals is irrefutable. The Athma community thrives with the happiness and fulfillment sustained by community service and charity. As Small Pox got eradicated through mass campaign and vaccination, likewise, the mission of eradication of the stigma and misinformation about mental illness through the same mode is the need of the hour so that people reach out to professionals instead of suffering in silence. 

I was really impressed by the approach of treating doctors along with services. I felt their genuineness deserves a review. It’s a hospital which provides an amazing care for patients. All the cases are discussed by mental health professionals such as Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Social workers and Clinical Psychologist who have an ample experience in Mental health care. This discussion enables a proper non-judgemental diagnosis and appropriate care for patients. In addition, proper counselling for the family makes after care smoother. I would really recommend Athma Hospital to patients and caregivers.  – Shinde Pradeep

Working towards this mission, as of date, more than 3000 community programmes have been carried out by the Athma team to dispel the myths on mental illness in our area, which has resulted in an increased number of people seeking mental health service.

We serve as the unacknowledged legislators for the dignity of mental illness patients in fighting for their rights by pioneering in the cause with substantial steps. Our institution gives equal space and responsibility to the employed individuals recovering from mental illness in our MRD section, computer maintenance, stationery unit, and reception. The benefits of the regular staff are assured to them. They have earned their rights to live with dignity by showing that with the right support, human beings can overcome any mental illness.

Suicide prevention, generally considered as a neglected section of psychiatric care is focused with maximum diligence at Athma through direct online, onsite intervention and counseling (for patients and families), through which we have been able to save thousands of lives who were without any hope and on the verge of death.

Vocational Training Centre – Nambikkai is a programme offered and managed by Athma, where 50 beneficiaries are meaningfully engaged in productive work. Realizing the fact that there are more than 1 million people in India with mental illness and that they practically live in the streets, a home for the drifted mentally ill persons, abandoned in streets has been conceived, established and run in our campus. In this way, through Trust – Shanthivanam, more than 525 such people have been successfully rescued, rehabilitated, and reintegrated into their families so far. 

The prime of this mission remains to rescue as many patients as possible and reintegrate them into their families. They’re supported with free acute care, medical management under the best professional supervision in the region. Of the 2.21% of the people in India that suffer from disabilities, 20 in 1000 are with intellectual disability, Autism, ADHD, Cerebral palsy, and other mental disabilities. Patients and family members suffer and cry in silence for no fault of theirs. The suffering and stigma confronted by the parents of such patients are inexpressible.

To give hope to the hopeless and helping hand to the helpless, Athmalayam (Temple of Souls) came into existence. It offers adequate training, remedial measures, and school education through NIOS to the children. Reflective of the spirit of our mission, a state of the art school is in place, and another block to give residential facilities is in progress, dedicated to the service of the young adult male persons with Intellectual Disability.

Athmalayam strives to offer hope and possibility for the disabled and their family members a life of dignity.

“Good leader creates a vision, articulates the vision, passionately owns the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.”