Thehuman right to dignity and respecting the Hippocratic Oath, the institution believes that god sent our team to serve the suffering people. Hence observe the following ethics in the act and thought:

Being transparent, trustworthy and reliable

Protecting the rights of the individual

Maintaining confidentiality 



The profound knowledge in the field of psychiatry, professionals at Athma deal with human emotions, thoughts (normal & abnormal), and activities.

Irrespective of the perception of the world, we give genuine interest and listen to patients’ complications.

Understanding the pain of the caregivers, we acknowledge their service and sentiments.

We are resolved to stay open to them, available, approachable, and friendly.

We, as far as honestly possible, strive to share the burden of our patients and their families.

Equality :

The truth that all are equal in the eyes of god remains our belief when it comes to serving people. Our services are sustained from this fact, and we take care of them regardless of caste, creed, religion, gender, economic status, and other influences. Our faith is, “do not deny treatment to anyone.”


Being a science of abstract and complex psychological rudiments needs to be handled with a profound understanding of the socio-cultural aspects and with limited room for prejudice and preconceived notions. Taking each of the cases as unique, the best care and treatment are offered based on clinical shreds of evidence by best professionals in the field. We follow icd 11 & dsm v.

The entry to prescription every activity like counseling session and treatment provided are meticulously recorded. At every point of dealings, the much-needed information on medical condition, prognosis, etc. Are available for precision. At Athma, every treatment is evidence-based, and this has been the practice since its footing, over 26 years.


Equipment :

Scientific treatment is a continuously growing arena with the advance in technology, the support of the latest technology in diagnosis and treatment is indispensable. Athma hospitals are quick to access the current technical support, and state of the art equipment needed for effective management of clients is always ensured.we have a completely equipped icu, defibrillators and ventilators, nimhans patented ect machines, tdcs, tms, and well-standardized psychological assessments. 


Is an endless activity in any field, and so is human understanding in the field of psychiatry. At all levels, professionals need to update themselves with all the possible opportunities. Learning in the field is the culture of Athma. The doctors at Athma habitually update themselves by partaking in or organizing conferences and cme programs. Additionally, scientific sessions and journal club meetings are held regularly at the hospital. A library with more than 2000 volumes of books in psychiatry and allied fields, indexed journals, and online journals do speak about the knowledge quest in our premises. 



The institution believes that every individual is unique and blessed with potentials. It is essential to nurture their individuality and groom them to function in the best possible way, for furtherance in inpatient care. Individuals are acknowledged and recognized for their contribution to the growth of the institution and the satisfaction of patients.


In the field of psychiatry, patience is an essential virtue required for sustainment. The institution has witnessed all kinds of weather, both happy and odd times. We appreciated countless times and have been faced with reproaches from patients, their families, and the public too. We have been acclaimed acclaims and, on occasions, criticized. With a balanced heart and mind, we have been notable in the field to review ourselves and raise as rejuvenated professionals. With a clear awareness of the fact that the follow-up and review of patients with difficult- to- treat- mental illnesses, treatment-resistant/ refractory mental illnesses are never manageable, we work with great determination and are thriving more than anyone in the field. We always keep the enduring spirit in our minds and work to our maximum potential. This has led us to the state what we are now: a pioneer hospital in the field of mental health in our state.  



Strive to fulfill the wishes and dreams of every patient and their family. We aim to excel in patient care, empathy, consultation, counseling, nursing, aftercare, rehabilitation, community outreach, and quality.

we strive hard for excellence in every aspect of mental health care.