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Mind is a force. This force guides man’s thoughts, feeling and actions. Mind decides one’s character, customs and habits. Traditionally, it was believed that mind and conscience operated from heart. But in this scientific era it is discovered, mind is operated due to (serotonin, nor-epinephrine, dopamine, GABA) Chemical neurotransmitters from limbic lobe. These chemical neurotransmitters are unique in each individual which are significantly responsible for individualistic character. Either increase or decrease in secretion of these neurotransmitters leads to mental illness. However with meditation stress relaxation technique theses NT can be kept optimism and live peaceful life. 

One should be appreciated if he visits a psychiatrist for counseling. They are not INSANE. Psychological problems are not stigmatizing issue to an individual. Anybody or anyone can suffer with psychiatry problems. Counseling is very helpful in finding solution for the psychological problem which leads to peace within, happiness in family and progress in life. We consult cardiologist for heart problem, surgeon for ache pain. Similarly, for mental problems can be treats by counselors and psychiatry.

Certainly not. Because of these superstitions people are suffering without getting proper treatment. Instead of believing these superstition, approach for counseling immediately. Just decrease in insulin leads to diabetes, imbalance in neurotransmitters leads to mental illness.

Certainly not. Chronic mentally ill, mentally retarded should not get married. Marriage can aggravated these conditions. But people with anxiety and depression can get married after the treatment and cure. In several situations, marriages occur by hiding the truth that either bride or groom is mentally ill. Later, knowing that, they suffer. Hiding the truth during alliance is a blunder.

In our daily life or day to day life as we face pleasure and pain may affect our mind. This reaction to the events is called stress. Death, competition, jealousy, debts, fights, love affair, marital disharmony, unemployment etc. can increase stress. Later this can lead to severe mental illness. Because of excess stress leads to psychosomatic illness like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, irritable bowl syndrome, So, peace and self satisfaction can lead to better mental health.

Excessive fear, anxiety, palpitation, less concentration in work, poor memory, shyness, headache, chest pain, frightening, tremors and frequent loose stools, dreaming more are the symptoms of anxiety disorder. Sudden fear without any cause, giddiness, excessive sweating, dizziness, hyperventilation or breathing problem, palpitation, chest pain, fear of death, worries about becoming mad, unrealistic perception of one’s are symptoms of Panic Disorder own body and surroundings (Depersonalizations and de-realization are symptoms of panic disorder). He will have the urgency to visit a doctor immediately. This condition would last for a few minutes but occur again and again. Their X-ray, ECG and scan reports may also be normal. Among these people, some may feel fearful to be alone and to be in a crowded place like bus (Agoraphobia). Psychiatric treatment may be beneficial to them. Irrelevant and uncontrollable repeating thoughts and actions even though they are purposeless and meaningless (like hand washing, cleaning, checking and bathing to sold goods, sexual thoughts over are the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder). If they try to divert his anxiety will become severe.

These may be the symptoms of depression, sad mood, and chronic headache, body pain, chest pain, lethargy, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, lack of interest in family life, job and education, anger, guilt feeling, suicidal thoughts, inferiority complex difference of opinion between husband and wife etc. are the symptoms of depression. Counseling and treatment will definitely benefit them.

When they read something with less attention it won’t get registered in their brain. And so they forget. Some students, even if they read adequately they fail to write in exams. These happen due to Anxiety. Some more people complain of head ache due to tension. Poor scholastic performance, bad habits, excessive anger, stubbornness, telling lies, misbehavior etc. among students may be the symptoms of depression and conduct disorder. These people will be benefited from counseling and treatment.

There can be many reasons for this condition. Depression and anxiety may exhibit like this among students. For some students it can be due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For these people, they lack attention in every activity. They are highly restless and mischievous. For some people, they have a condition called learning disorder. Among these, some have problem in maths alone (Developmental Mathematical Disorder). Some people can read but can’t write (Dysgraphia) and some people have problem in reading (Dyslexia). Other activities seemed to be normal. These children will have problem in academics in school. Parents and teacher don’t understand them properly and punish them. For these children there are special schools available. These children should be educated through properly trained teachers. Generally, When any behavioral change occurs among students, it is better to seek a counsellor’s help immediately.

They belong to the category of severe mental illness called schizophrenia. This decease is due to the dopamine imbalance in brain. False firm belied (Delusion), hearing of voices in the absence of the stimulus (Auditory Hallucination), talking to self, laughing to self, withdrawn, not going for work, poor in self care kills etc. are the symptoms of schizophrenia. If the disease in detected and intense therapy given at the earliest stage, then the better prognosis is achieved. The can be better persons again in the society.

Definitely. But patient’s co-operation and family member’s support are essential. Addiction should be treated by considering it an illness will be give better results. After the treatment, participations in AA group meeting will be much more helpful.

Certainly. Sexual urge, pleasure and energy originate form the brain. Youth get depressed due to martybatory guilt and nocturnal emission and they ponder or worry over the loss of sense. They consult physician with the complaints of body aches and weakness. This is a wrong notion. Nervous weakness doesn’t occur due to the above conditions. As mental cycle is for females, night falls nartrabation is natural of males. This can came no harm to health. 90% of the sexual problem are mind related. Therefore, this should be consulted with a psychiatrist.

There is no drugs for the condition of Mental Retardation. Mental Retardation children can be improved slowly though training in special schools, parent should undergo genetic counseling before planning for the next child. Associated condition like epilepsy, initobility, violence, and can be treated with drugs.

Duration of treatment depends upon the severity of the illness. Some persons may need treatments for 2 years. People with severe MI, should get prolonged treatment. Sedating and developing addiction are not the objectives of psychiatrist. Treatment is focused on making the mentally ill person productive and happy.

ECT is effective is suicidal tendencies,depression, schizophrenia and mania. The ideas that ECT harm the brain and dangerous to life and it can cause Mental Illness are wrong. Psychiatrists give this treatment for quick recovery only.

Yes. 15 out of a lakh people in India die of suicides. Suicidal thoughts and attempts occur only when there is poor impulse control. Frustration, failure in studies affairs, departments, marital disharmony, short temper, jealous and envy are the main reasons for suicidal attempts. Suicides and suicidal attempts are more common in depressives patients disorders. Whenever patients express about death and dying, they should be brought for treatment. Moreever Meditation, yoga and counseling are effective in this. Suicide is a preventable disease or illness. Whenever there is a crisis, contact 98424 22121, 80125 22123 (24 hours).

Depression and anxiety are commonly seen a away women. Their personality, sociaultasral situation cirucumstances and hormones may the came for their condition, even during memtruaal cycles and menopause and after delivery mental problem may be more among women. It is very important to treatment them at the right time.

As mental stress is higher theses days, difference of opinion is present among people, families and couples. Divorces are becoming more. Behavioral Problems occur among children. For these types of problem family counseling, couple therapy and child guidance are more useful. Some people nay lack skill in expressing and controlling their emotion or feelings. Psychotherapy may be useful in theses condition. Some people may need both drug treatment and psychotherapy together. Special stress management exercise are useful in facing stress.

Rehabilitation training is a very important segment in the psychiatric treatment. There is a stigma in the society for those getting treatment for schizophrenia, addiction and mental retardation. They lack talent to independent. To improve their recognition, self interest and develop their skill and correct their mistakes rehabilitation is must. While in training itself they can improve their occupational skill. Due to this their self provide special training to them occupational therapists are available.

Certainly. According to science mental problem like stress, anxiety and depression can induce psychosomatic illness. For example peptic ulcer, Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes I, Chromic initable bond syndrome occurs or their severity increases. Mental shock results in stroke and heart attack. By improving coping skull one can over came the alone condition. We people who recover even from cancer due to their mental strength and coping skills.

The degeneration of brain cells is called as dementia. Brain cells degenerate during normal aging process. While in dementia the generation is more and rapid. The most common among dementia are alpha and circular dementia. In this condition, patient loses his personality, thinking, capacity, memory, self care skills and that leads to suffering in family members. No medicine is invented so far to come this condition. Some drugs can postpone the rapid deterioration.

Mostly not required. When properly treatment, 1/3 of schizophrenias get cured in better manner. 1/3 of get moderate improvement and rest 1/3 of them get no improvement. Most of them cab be arranged at home. Patients who refused to take drugs, pickup quarrels at a street and at homes, exhibits violence, axhersence at home will �� with the help of psychiatrist and trained occupational therapist, they can be rehabilitated. There is no need for placing them permanently in the residential home.

Since there is increase in mental illness and psychosomatic illness will be in the increase. If we want to prevent mental illness, there should be happiness and peace at home. Charity should prevail b/w couples, parents and siblings, contentment is without greedy free form addiction, avoiding stressful situation reducing stressful education, spiritual, brother good attitude are important. Moreover, to improve coping skills, yoga, meditation, games and excises help a lot. In total life acartented life is essential.

Everyone should know that

Mental illness is also a medical illness.

Mental patients are needed not to be afraid of.

People affected by mental illness are not laughing stock and anyone can get mental illness at any point of time.

The family members and society to treat the mental illness persons.

Most of the mental illness is treatment able. The uncared, wandering mental illness are our own brothers and sisters. To provide treatment food and shelter with lone for the mental illness persons is our responsibility and duty.

Due to stress competition unemployment greed unacceptable love substance abuse abandoning elders family property disputes war politics job stress financial stress unemployment price hikes etc. More people are becoming mentally ill through out the world. Hence the patient his family and the society suffer. Without knowing that with early detection and treatment mental illness can be completely cured many people suffer in lamenting what to do. Because of that illness aggravates and induces much more problems. Because of exacerbations some lose their awareness and identity and leave their homes and became wandering patients. If this situation is to be changed mental health awareness should be increased. As with the awareness small pox was eradicated we can also prevent mental illness with the awareness of mental health.