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Athma Rehabilitation and Residential centre is part of the Athma Groups. It is uniquely assigned to serve from the vastness and remoteness of the community with reputable services and expertise. With the advancements in the field of pharmacology of psychiatry, now most of the mental illness is curable. But the persons should continue the advice of their psychiatrist and be periodically reviewed. But, it is provided the person seeks early intervention. 

2-3% of persons with mental illness are refractory or hesitant to treatment. In schizophrenia affecting 1% of the population, 1/3 of patients show recovery, 1/3 show moderate to good responses. 1/3 shows no improvement despite best efforts.  People with severe and mental illness have physical, psychological and social needs. 


Our integrated strength is that we can provide a seamless transformation for persons with mental illness as they progress from higher to lower dependency services. This unique approach ensures that every person has the opportunity to obtain the best potential outcomes and quality of life.

Our mission is to make improve the personal growth of persons with mental illness we support. We provide a variety of professional residential care services for adults mentally ill aged 18 years and over with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, substance dependence, depression and other major psychotic disorders. We also support senior citizens with mental illness who require residential and nursing care in later life.

We pride ourselves in extending the highest standards of person-centred care within safe and homely environments for the mentally ill. 

All of the support combinations we offer are tailored to the individuals’ needs to assist them in acquiring vocational, social, communication and life skills so they can progress to a more independent future and would become productive members of society. We also create pathways through occupational training to bring down the family burden and delivering positive outcomes for both the family and our beneficiaries. 

When a person with mental illness needs rehabilitation and residential care services

When he/she (Patient)

  • Is not adhering to medication
  • Improve significantly with rehabilitation
  • Has a lack of insight
  • Is aggressive and unmanageable at home
  • Has negative symptoms of schizophrenia
  • Has good prognostic factors but due to unfortunate circumstances/inability of the family members to care adequately. 

We offer a wide range of specialized care services to meet the social, physical and emotional needs of all the people with mental illness. This includes:

  • Residential and medical care tailored to the needs of the individual
  • Regular consultation and counselling services. 
  • Innovative support programmes in nurturing and caring environments
  • Independent living in safe accommodation
  • Dedicated and professionally trained staff teams
  • Vocational and occupational training for independent living.
  • Has good prognostic factors but due to unfortunate circumstances/inability of the family members to care adequately. 

When a family member(s)

  • Is/are in high distress
  • Unable to manage at home
  • Think(s) rehabilitation would be a behavioural therapy
  • Feel(s) burdened
  • Cannot provide him/her comfortable environment to come out of mental illness

Our professional services

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We understand that choosing the right residential care centre is a crucial decision, and our staffs are happy to help you in any way.

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