Daughter / Laughter

Though the first letters of these two words are different, don’t you think that both give the same meaning?

Yes. A girl can bring smile and happiness in whatever role she is in your life-be it daughter, sister, friend, companion, mother, well-wisher and what not.

To depict the importance of a female, we call our environment as “MOTHER NATURE.

In spite of glorifying the woman in our life, we still face more female infanticide in our society.


Female infanticide is the intentional killing of girl babies because of the preference for male babies. This is also due to the low value associated with the birth of girl babies. This practice is very common in areas where people’s cultural norms give more importance to male children than female children.

This is mainly due to the cost associated with raising female children in society.

As per sources, India accounts for 45.8 million of the world’s 142.6 million “missing females” over the past 50 years, a report by the United Nations.

It’s purely our mind block that makes us think that girls are a burden to the family and society, which is completely a wrong notion.

The role of a woman is crucial and critical for society. Women are the pioneers of the nation. They are the key to the sustainable and continuous development of the family and then the society.

They are versatile in multi-dimensions. A house with a girl child will become a HOME and is the entry to heaven. Being around such a blooming blossom will bring out the best in us and not the stress to us.

Our duty as a society is to protect and encourage girl children to be pillars of our future.

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