Athma – A Link to Mind

I am Dr. K. Ramakrishnan chief Psychiatrist & Managing Director of Athma Hospitals dedicated exclusively for psychiatry. My focus had been all along with clinical practice & community service activities. I am a great admirer of my friend Dr. SUBBU, who writes a blog on spirituality in practice I am always fascinated by the knowledge, vocabulary & style of his writing. Since the beginning of COVID Lockdown, I was thinking about how to spend productively my free time as I am used to working 12 Hrs a day and with lots of travels. I made a series of new initiatives about group meetings, online consultations, updating my website, closing on completing the unfinished book, etc. Then it struck me why can’t I try to write in blogging. Though I don’t have any experience, in-depth knowledge in any field & good language skills, I thought why can’t I share my clinical experience I have with 65000+ clients  & about over one lakh people I would have met in my community activities, the wisdom I had gathered? I cannot write a long blog at the moment but I will learn to improve my skills.

Though this blog, I plan to take up a clinical setting, one at a time and discuss the issues for which they approached me and about the discussion I had with the clients.

The clinical experience is real, but I won’t mention any names or personal details so that the confidentiality of my clients is maintained. 

There will not be any theories, only the suggestions. Sometimes some spiritual quotes appear. But my blog is beyond religion. 

Kindly read my blog and give me your feedback & suggestions on any topic I can write. I would also welcome any inputs for improving my writing. 

If by reading this blog some of you have taken my points positively then the purpose of this is achieved. 

Thank you!